First Things First! – the rest comes last…

First college assignment was handed to me on Wednesday, was a little apprehensive because I was told to read a manifesto, which I generally think of as being a huge book of rules, but it turns out its only a page – not even that – long so it wasn’t too bad. 

Find the manifesto here —> First things First – Ken Garland

My views:

After first reading the manifesto I thought to myself – “yes! I fully agree with this” although reading through it a few times and looking at the bigger picture, i’m not so sure. Garland talks a lot about designers pulling away from major brands and “trivial” advertising in search for a more influential venture, one which could help towards “our national prosperity”, but there isn’t enough space in the world for too many Jonathan Barnbrooks and just think of the amount of after shave that needs advertising for nowadays, you just need to walk down to your local supermarket to see.

For  anyone interested in reading my views and arguments in full, please leave your email address in the comments section and i’ll send you a copy. Feel free to comment on anything and please leave your views on this manifesto in the comments box…

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “First Things First! – the rest comes last…

  1. You say that there isn’t enough space for too many Jonathan Barnbrooks however there is way too much advertising overload at the moment.

    Would you rather have too many many trying to make positive information design or too many advertising consumer products? I know which I would choose.

    Intresting views though Tom.


    • Do you not think though that if we had lots and lots of designers trying to make a difference in the world, that the difference would itself become very samey? I hear what you are saying, and i agree with what you wrote in your blog, although maybe it would be an idea for smaller companies to take on this “informative advertising” to try and get a bigger response and a push up in their sales.


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