Rasterbation! it’s not as rude as it sounds…

Hi gang! Just put up on my wall at home my first Rasterbated image, really really pleased with how it turned out. It’s basically an image that has been made pretty big and tiled over many pages then linked back together with some or no space between them. I took the original picture myself, and always liked it so thought why not? Check out the image in a larger format here

Tom out!


2 thoughts on “Rasterbation! it’s not as rude as it sounds…

  1. hello tom!

    love this! always liked the tiled effect, would love to have a big one of me and scott on my wall 🙂 nice work !


    • Hey thanks Dawn :D, im doing another one soon well actually another two. The first one is going to be of a long corridoor hopefully from the asylum so it looks like it has really got depth. The second is going to be me taking a picture of one side of my living room and blowing it up full scale and applying it to the wall on the opposite side gotta wait till parents are out though hehe could take a while tog et done… gonna be good 🙂


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