Africa Type Experiment!

This is the latest type experiment that I have played with.

It is yet unfinished and this is just the initial stage of the design. I would like to create a whole typeface in this style.

I have tried to evoke Africa through the use of sharp triangles, the reason for this is i feel this shape represents africa best. A tough place to live, hard terrain, elephants tusks, dead trees, the bones of dead animals, spears of tribes and the teeth of predatory animals.

For a larger view click here!


Due to request letters E K E in two formats:


Tom out!

7 thoughts on “Africa Type Experiment!

    • Thanks very much for the comment and for using the font! Can I ask, how did you find this post? Just a general search for Africa or African fonts?


      • Not sure how I arrived here Tom; I wander the Africa and photography issues; somewhere along that path. Nice though; wish the font were a complete set.


    • Hey, sorry for the long reply. Because this is so old I wouldn’t usually revisit it, but I quickly made the letters, there are two versions of the K. They are in the bottom of post – hopefully you can make good use of them.


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