Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 2

The first official day back was just as I expected, plenty of talking and a couple of exercises trying to get our creative mood back for the academic year ahead. The first exercise was similar to word association. I had to quickly pick five words which related to my practical project and for each of those discover 4 new words which link on from each other. Here is what I done: (click image for larger view)

I then asked someone else I was sitting close to, to do the same thing with my words, this is what they got: (click image for larger view)

The idea is to get a flow of words which may, or may not, link together. This may create a few ideas in your mind that can be quickly jotted down to look into later. I did actually find it quite useful, despite slight initial apprehensions, and got myself a few ideas. Of course some of the words make no sense, but I believe if you take it even further it could open up a whole new way of thinking.

I then moved onto getting a group together to just throw some ideas backwards and forwards between ourselves for our projects, spending around 10-15 minutes on each person. I think I threw more ideas than I caught, although by doing so I developed a few ideas I’d like to develop.

Tom out!

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