Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 5

Today the morning was spent getting into groups and carrying out an exercise, which was; Edward de Bono’s six hats exercise. This consisted of 6 people having different roles within the group discussion to try and evoke different thought strategies from people. Overall it was quite successful, although I didn’t understand the point in the positive thinking hat, as all our ideas should be positive in the way we think of them, or there isn’t a point in doing them. My group firstly had to focus on my proposal, which has come together nicely, i just need to add one section and adjust the target market so it isn’t so adventurous.

Here are a couple of pages in my book which came from the exercise; firstly looking at what people had suggested on the left page and then looking further into these points and how they can be adapted:

Then this brought me onto thinking about the importance of colour within signs and design as a whole. How they compare/contrast with each other, and also what each colour can evoke.  Tomorrows goal, after looking into my essay proposal/actual essay is to explore through the use of collage how each of these colours are used in everyday life and how they compare next to each other in blocks on a page. Here is the page which looked at a few of the main colours, I should be expanding on this in the near future:

Just through this simple colour exercise I have already opened myself up to larger thought processes. I have established that potentially a green or blue sign could be good due to the calming factors behind the colours. Calming is what is useful in an airport, due to people feeling nervous. Blue and green is typically used within hospitals to ease patient fears and actors/presenters often sit in green rooms pria to going on the TV, because this can reduce nerves. All of this is good research and significant to my airport project.

Tom out!

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