Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 7

Hi guys!

As I have mentioned in the past, my project is going to involve designing a new typeface, one which would be ideal for airport users. This includes disabled, people with different degrees of vision and children. Not only should the typeface be legible to everyone that comes across it, but it should compliment the symbol set I will also create.

Today I decided to start off looking a bit into character anatomy within a typeface. Just a refresher and to kick start some thoughts. Well this is what i came up with:

As you can see at the bottom of the last page, I have been looking quickly into some  letter forms which can look very similar to each other. It would be my ideal to get these letters as far away from each other as possible. You notice on the capital “G” I have added some extra bars, one of which would probably extend slightly lower than the main baseline, although this has not yet been tested. q and p are another two which can look very similar. The difficulty is making these letters unique, but also keeping the typeface quite standardised within itself. It still needs to be recognisable as its own family.

I will be focusing on this section of my project, as well as the symbols a little bit closely at the weekend, so watch this space for any further updates.

Tom out!

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