Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 8

Today was by far one of the most productive and interesting days of this third year thus far. (to view larger images please click)

Firstly I created a, sort of, mood board, although it consisted mainly of lots of ideas and different directions which my project could take me. It was a good way of getting my 5 words exercise into a visual and exploratory form. I started off a lot more technical in my drawings, opting to use a ruler and pencil with penning over the top, although as I got some more ideas flowing I found it quicker to roughly sketch things and get ideas down. I began thinking less of the form and more towards the function. So here it is:

On the subject of form vs. function, my diagram (above) spurred on a small discussion with my tutor about if an airports signs need to look good or not. Now, of course, you would like them to be smart, clean and professional. I have heard the argument, however, that each airport should be unique, that’s the signage should capture the mood and culture of the airport. Personally I don’t agree with this argument. Once you have gone past customs, airports are classed as “no man’s land” they have different rules, laws and have many people from all over the world travelling through them. They cannot be uniquely designed to fit into any culture.

The main function of wayfinding in an airport should be, first and foremost, getting people as quickly, efficiently and stress free to their desired location as is possible.

Following on from my diagram, again, you may see in the bottom left a mention of a leaflet. This leaflet would be a way of informing people who picked it up about the “new navigational systems” within BAA Heathrow. Of course, with a leaflet, you have to anticipate the amount of people who fly through the airport everyday, it could become quite costly, and not very environmentally friendly although, recycled paper would deal with that side. Here is the roughs that I made for it in my sketch pad:

And here is a quick mock-up I done of the leaflet (thus far) with an example of how all the parts can be integrated into a sign (i apologise for the neon colours, I haven’t got used to this illustrator colour lark):

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