Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 14

Wow! I have never had such a bad day in terms of being nervous and panicking. I can’t explain it, not even my driving test was as bad as this and that was the worst up till today. It’s all because of this presentation I have to do on the 27th October. At the beginning of the day I was so worried, everything I tried to do turned out badly and looked horrible and I just couldn’t see it ever improving. Luckily though, the day improved from about 2:30 onwards

and I’ve been working non-stop ever since. There isn’t really anything to show, as such except for these couple of slides from my presentation that is still on the go:



All in all there is around 13 slides created so far, I’m looking to get the rest roughly drafted by Friday this week so I can do a dry run making sure I haven’t missed any important details out.

It’s now 12:30am and I’m still knocking the work out. Managed to wipe off my white board the proposal (written), literature review and am about to finish my rationale, so I can officially wipe that off my board.

So far so good, from bad beginning to good end, as long as it ends good, who cares for the beginnings aye?

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 14

  1. ‘as long as it ends good, who cares about the beginnings aye?’

    couldn’t agree more !

    I always find that, if I’m having a crap design day, I know that if I keep working on it, eventually, by the end of the day, I will be really pleased with it !

    Really like these slides, so simple but really effective, communicating everything your project is about, I especially like the way you have included the previous slides questions on the slant in the top corner on some of them, really nice touch!

    Hope it all goes well on Wednesday Thomas !


    • Thanks Dawn! 🙂
      Just had my run through with Tony and he is pleased with all of it, only a couple of slight adjustments that shouldn’t have slipped through the net, but we all have those.
      Wish you luck with your video too!


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