Academic Year 2010/11 – Day 18

Again, today was just working on my essay, as it will be for the next couple of weeks. Although yesterday I did receive the brief for the next practical module. The brief basically begins the next module, because I had already written my own brief for the module. It will be interesting to get started on that and after 12th December I have 3 months of uninterrupted design work to explore, develop and produce.

Something else I got told yesterday in class was a trip that is being organised for next March. It is a 4 day trip which starts in Ypres, Belgium (where we spend 1 day and night) it then moves onto Paris, France (where we spend 2 days and 2 nights) before finally finishing at Disneyland Paris (where we spend most of the day before our journey home). I think this trip is worth going on, purely for the photographic opportunities. It is about time I got myself into another country with my camera and small flip video camera. So this could be a good chance.

Tom out!

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