New Workstation

Well, it has been a long time coming, about a year from when I first said I was going to get new furniture for my room. But finally it is here. All the furniture is up and installed, I just need to find a place to put all my old junk, most will probably be thrown away, with some being sold on the good old ebay.

Also on the market for buying a new computer (one of which I have found), set of headphones with mic and maybe another monitor for the computer. Spending is in this season apparently.


Thanks for stopping by, and any donations towards my new computer are most welcome!

Tom out!

5 thoughts on “New Workstation

  1. Get your sexy new pc in there and it will be like a dream! Haha. I think you need bigger monitors though and two, possibly three of them! We defo need to make our own studio… I mean…we can kit it out with anything we want if we do alright!


    • Ya, bigger and many more monitors would be a dream, defo gonna buy another, probs 24″ HD, would make using programs so much easier, could even get two identicle ones and have them either side of this current one, then move the TV to the chest of drawers, be awesome.

      Our own studio would be mental im telling ya, kit it out simple but efficient, if we did well for ourselves can then kit it out further, new kit and stuff, look awesome… need an epic green screen on one side, pull down and a blue screen to match!


  2. looking very nice tom im very jealous of the amount of space you have to actually work lol! and again im soooo jealous of this new computer I have to come round and hear it working πŸ™‚


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