Airport Wayfinding Icons – Updated & Explained

Hi Everyone! I have decided that I would like to revisit my degree project right from the start and expand/improve upon everything I had previously done for it. The first thing I decided to do was to take another critical look at the icons I had produced. Since looking at the icons again I’m not sure why I was so happy with the way they turned out, many of them seemed quite sloppy in the way they were drawn on illustrator and there were a few which I could tell needed clear re-working. I believe a lot of the problem was the running low on time during the degree itself.

The image below (click to view much larger) shows all the currently updated icons, I have been working on these over the past week on and off and can now say I’m very pleased with how they have turned out. Each has been carefully vectorised and smoothed out so there shouldn’t be any nasty bumps. The colours refer to the background colour they would go against on the signs themselves. Blue is for any main processes undertaken at an airport, grey is used for any secondary processes and the yellow is for gate numbers.

This video shows each icon individually against the original version and explains the changes that I made to each.

More updates on the project coming soon!

Tom Out!

2 thoughts on “Airport Wayfinding Icons – Updated & Explained

  1. All the improvements have definitely improved the overall presentation of the icons together and separately. The scaling and thickness of the lines helps to give more space and a better perceptive without the icon image going to close to the edges of the border. Still not 100 percent sure about transfer icon but I can’t see where you can take it. Good job on video perhaps a bit long, but i understand you wanted to show the improvements you made to each icon.


    • Cheers Mr. Coleman, i think the transfer icon is the main one that gets disputed, im not sure how i can adjust it, maybe i will look at that more in the future. And yes, the video was quite long, its amazing how much time some of these things can take haha. Thanks for the comment!!!


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