London Architecture & Free Range Exhibitions

Today I decided to go into London, specifically Brick Lane and the surrounding area. Currently at Brick Lane the Old Truman Brewery is hosting the Free Range art and design exhibitions. Many universities and colleges are there showing off the work of the graduating 3rd years in the hope to gain some exposure and maybe even land some jobs!

My old college Havering College which I graduated from 2 years ago had a space so I went to show my support and see what the work was like. I have to say the quality of work was high all around and I think the exhibition, although in a small space, was nicely laid out and showed off the different projects students had worked on.

Also showing was Middlesex University, here I was more interested in seeing the photography. I remember two years ago the photographic work was very strong and I was looking forward to seeing some more. I wasn’t disappointed. The quality of the work was exceptional and really deserves as much praise as I’m sure it will get. One person who stood out for me was Martin Forster who had travelled to Syria entering highly dangerous zones to document the conflicts that are occurring daily.

Something else I noticed was the large amount of minimal photography that had been put on show. Due to the amount of minimal photography that has been taken from many people in recent time I will probably be reducing the amount I take, focusing on other photographic routes. It would probably do me some good to experiment further to see what I can get out of my photography, there may still be a niche out there needing to be filled! I will continue to produce architectural photography, although I will only be uploading what I consider to be the very best, so consider this post one of my last of general architecture, future ones will be much more focused.




highcontrast building



sec camera construction



blue building

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Tom out!

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