Millwall Inner Dock Composition

Isle of Dogs – London

Continuing on from the experimentation last week, I traveled to London, specifically Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs. The idea was to make a full day of it but, naturally, I forgot to charge my batteries so was disappointed when, after 2.5 hours, all three of them were dead. I wanted to experiment with…

Beef and mash

Restaurant and Food Prep Photography

I had the opportunity last week to take some photos during a service at the Mallinson Restaurant, the College’s in-house kitchen and restaurant for catering students. Below are some of the photos I took of the restaurant before service, as well as some shots in the kitchen during service.


Battersea Park Tulips & Peace Pagoda

This morning I went for a walk around Battersea Park, London. It’s an enjoyable place to visit and very peaceful, there is also a small zoo for children and plenty of nice areas to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a picnic or cup of tea / coffee. Below are three photos I took…

Robin and Blackbird Foraging & Feeding – Up-Close Footage

After collecting some footage of the birds on my feeder I decided to try another section of the garden. I had always seen various birds underneath this bush, usually different to what go on the feeder. Typically it would be Blackbirds, Doves and Pigeons, but the Robin was a nice and welcome surprise. Thanks for stopping…