International Standardisation of Airport Navigational Systems – ISANS

This is the name (and abbreviation) I have decided to use for my final major project. The abbreviation “ISANS” occurred through a nice accident of just brainstorming different names I could give my system.

So where am I at within my project? Well I have managed to finish off the majority of my symbols, leaving out only a couple of the less necessary ones (such as chapel). I have decided that I am going to develop a specification book for my system, this would include typeface, colour, symbols, signage and how it can all blend into one major system specifically designed for use at airports. The book will also include statistics from questionnaires that I have handed out to as many people as possible.

Alongside this specification book I am going to develop a smaller book based on showing the evolution of my symbols, from first drawn to finished product. This book will be in full black and white and have limited writing, it’s mainly a visual guide to the processes I undertook.

For my exhibition I would like to have a large spec sheet made up, one that shows off all my icons, certain statistics and how it all works with my typeface. Complete with drawn examples of how it could be used within an airport environment, I feel tis could be quite a stong addition to my body of work so far.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tom out!

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