5 thoughts on “Contact Me

    • Hey dude, The first time I went i got in through a hole in the old fence which doesn’t exist now since they built a whole lot of new fencing. The second time I got in by climbing on a tree over the fence and jumping. The final time I managed to get in through a small hole underneath the fence which is situated around the back of severalls, close to where it meets the housing area. If you are going to visit, I’d visit quickly as I think it is undergoing development. When I was last there they were getting stuff ready!


  1. Hey tom!
    t’s been long time, but just re-found your blog…some great photography and looks like you’ve been keeping busy! hope everything’s well with you, and that your still gigging! 🙂


    • Hey Lemons!

      Not as busy as I probably should be keeping, although I have a little project on the go now, which hopefully will be interesting.

      Haven’t been to a gig since Iron Maiden august 2013… really didn’t realise it had been that long ago actually, it seems that the last 2 years have flown by without much memory :S Although I’ve done a few decent things, holidays, photography, the business etc.

      How are things at your end?


      • hey! Yeah things are pretty good, if not crazy busy right now! In the fourth and final year of uni so virtually living in either the studio or working on my dissertation! Jackson and I moved in together this year too, so its great but a bit new! I’ve got my first show on outside of uni at mo too, so lots is happening! Like the new video btw!


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