Garden Birds Filmed Feeding

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero+ and thought one of the best things to do to test its capability would be to try and film some of the birds feeding in my back garden. I am very impressed with the content I managed to capture, with 12 raw minutes of birds in about 1.5 –…

Work Quirks #1 – An Average Sized Church.

Work Quirks is a small series of events which have happened throughout my working life thus far. Usually they are exasperating situations or ones that you cannot quite believe have come about.

Work Quirks # 1 covers a peculiar phone call I had with a potential client involving a church and a banner.

London Experimental Photography

Hey everybody! After last weeks photography success I was on a high so decided to take a trip into my favourite city… London!! I went out with the idea of trying to be as experimental with capturing objects and buildings as I could, in the end I mainly took pictures of buildings, although I am…

Revamped Podcast – No. 1

Well it is finally here, the new and improved visually interesting podcasts, all about Graphic Design, Photography, Filming and Fun. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since my first attempt at doing such a thing. Find the video below and enjoy! Thanks for watching, Tom out!

Visual Proposal Presentation

I have successfully handed in and finished my Development of Ideas & Concepts module. This consisted of researching into my chosen project, which you all know by now to be wayfinding within airports, more specifically BAA Heathrow. I was very happy with the way this whole first module turned out, there was a lot more…

After Effects – Experimentation

Howdy folks, Just a small bit of After Effects experimenting that I done. Decided to use one of my most treasured texture images to create a little 3-D house, with some lighting to set the mood. It has a few kinks, and would need some adjustments/corrections, but the knowledge is now there, so I can…

Bouncy Text in After Effects!

I’ve just finished some quick experimentation in After Effects. The experiment was in aid of my self authoted brief animation which i am going to be produing. This is a short seven second typographic animation, which consists of the text bouncing, falling, spinning and with added motion blur. Tom out!

Graphic Design / Photography Podcast!

Well guys, here is the first “Visually Interesting” Graphic Design & Photography podcast. It has been 1 month in the making, using programs I haven’t used before. It has all been good practice. This one includes much more talking that I would like for future episodes, but I feel it was necessary as the introduction video. Please let me know what you think, whether that is…