Garden Birds Filmed Feeding

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero+ and thought one of the best things to do to test its capability would be to try and film some of the birds feeding in my back garden.

I am very impressed with the content I managed to capture, with 12 raw minutes of birds in about 1.5 – 2 hours worth of continuous filming. I have whittled that figure down to around 7 minutes for easier viewing.

Some of the birds featured here are Sparrows, Great Tits and Starlings with occasional appearances from Doves and Blackbirds on the floor. Mostly the birds outwitted me by going to the seed on the other side of the garden, I think perhaps the shiny front of the camera may have spooked them a little, so only a few chose to eat the fat balls I was filming. All in all I think it was a success, I just need to find a nice format I can edit footage together in and get better at colour correction of the footage.



Tom out!

One thought on “Garden Birds Filmed Feeding

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