Revamped Podcast – No. 1

Well it is finally here, the new and improved visually interesting podcasts, all about Graphic Design, Photography, Filming and Fun. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since my first attempt at doing such a thing. Find the video below and enjoy!

Thanks for watching,

Tom out!

6 thoughts on “Revamped Podcast – No. 1

  1. Very good first podcast lots of good footage music went very well. Like i said before the volume was a bit up and down. Be interesting to see how you talk about your work in your next podcast. keep it up barden


    • Thanks Scott! The music is pretty awesome i do agree. Volume is a must for sorting out, and yes, I need to find an interesting way to speak it across, because i think i look and sound quite boring in the normal talking areas


  2. haha! what are you lot like ! A very funny podcast, like your footage, especially like the music you have used for the bit where you are walking around the derelict building – what is it? Look forward to the rest 🙂


    • Thanks Dawn 🙂 The music is called “Solitaire” by a band named “Kamelot” off their “Ghost Opera” album.

      The next one probably wont have such silly goings on in it haha, im not going to freeze myself up again in that water until its summer (and it probs be all gone 😦 )


  3. A lot more of this, this and this is what I like 😀

    Some feedback –

    Negatives – Control the volume throughout the entire podcast, when the Belhus stuff started it was very loud compared to your talking before.

    – Colour correcting would boost your video a lot.

    Positives – Lots more action, less talking!

    – End credits are nice haha.

    – Youve kept your vintage reporter look to yourself.


    • Thanks Reiss, i think i need to film more outdoors and less under organge lighting, because i had to remove a lot of the orange-ness out of the video.
      More action is defo a good thing, cant get as bored easily. and yea the sound issue, ill have to explore further next time


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