Self Initiated Critical Reflection.

Myself and three other design students/friends decided that we would jump straight into our own critical theory session.

We gave ourselves two weeks to prepare something that we could show to each other and then feedback on, we also saw this as a good opportunity to film and possibly place into our podcasts. So armed with three DSLR cameras; a Canon 7D, Canon 550D and a Nikon D3100 we set about filming and feeding back. The session, although much longer than first anticipated, went really well. Everybody had some work to show and I know I personally benefitted from the feedback that my friends gave.

Dawn Gardner suggested that I could potentially use different colours throughout the signs, depending on where abouts people were in the airport. So for example, I could use blue just before people are getting onto a plane due to the fact its quite calming and soft as a colour. Similarly I could use a different colour for the food or shopping areas which may stimulate people into buying more, therefore helping the economy of the airport. Dawn then moved on to exploring how I could potentially show my work within and exhibition, and as all I really showed were my icons, she came up with a couple of ideas of presenting, which I may explore in the near future.

Expanding on this point Scott Coleman came up with the idea of actually making the panels of the signs in real size format, or potentially half scale format. This is possible due to where I work having access to such tools. To do this I could use Vinyl or Screen Printing, and it would probably be best if I experimented with both of them first.

Reiss Cleal believed that simple was best and that my idea of a more artistic approach might get in the way of readability. Despite this, I think it is necessary to explore a more stylised and artistic approach, as people may find this more interesting therefore take note of it.


There will soon be another Visually Interesting podcast up most likely on Friday 11th February which will include clips from this crit.

Uploading at around the same time will be another video which is purely to do with the crit, with a few outakes to lighten the mood, so stop by for that.



Tom Out!


One thought on “Self Initiated Critical Reflection.

  1. your podcast will be done for friday :O lol!? Might be good to talk about the stuff you have done and why etc. Also the promotional ideas we talked about today with dawn would be a good way of pushing your project further


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