Harold Wood Hospital Photography!

Yep, thats right, another photography trip. This time only 10-15 minutes down the road to the abandoned Harold Wood Hospital.

I went with Reiss Cleal a.k.a Chill Cleal.

We were aware that security patrolled reguarly around the site and that people had been caught and the police called in the past. With this in mind we slipped under the fence, and carefully made our way into the complex. Well, it instantly brought back memories of Severalls Asylum, and i was very happy that we found this place still in tact (many people said it had been destroyed) and so local. There was no need to rush, we could explore everywhere, as we could come back anytime with ease.

Anyway.. we were just about to go upstairs in the main hospital when we heard voices and footsteps VERY close by, maybe down the corridor just to our left. I just looked at reiss and went “shit” we then decided to make a quick walk, which resulted to a jog and then a sprint down the way we had come.

After maybe half hour of waiting in complete silence listening for security, we decided it best if we left for the day, as thye would most certainly have heard us.

Due to this i didnt get many pictures. If you would like to view the few i did take visit Visually Interesting.

Tom out!

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