A day to Explore!

Well.. my plans to visit and infiltrate Harold Wood Hospital for a second time went down the drain today.  Arrived with Antonia and Reiss and walked down the (apparently) private road. Met a couple of interesting people in a van, had a chat with them about other asylums, it turns out they look at explorers photos online for abandoned buildings, then go and buy the stuff from them when they get demolished.

While talking along came a security vehicle, a man with a German Shepard and another security guard from inside. Security was certainly upped since the last time I came.

We continued walking around the complex, until the women in the security vehicle suggested we moved on and then followed us out of the area to make sure we did. Not a wise choice to enter.

With Harold Wood scrapped we went to Thorndon country park; climbed a few trees, took a few pictures and generally had a good time. Here are some of the photos I took:

Tom out!

6 thoughts on “A day to Explore!

  1. Loving the pictures I think the whole not going Harrow Wood was good considering you could test you zoom lens more 🙂 really like the third one


  2. Thanks scott! Zoom lens is a nice bit of kit, really need to use it a lot more often, although havn’t been anywhere to use any lenses lately.. but all shall change!


  3. Top is really nice, nice DOF ;). The one with the bird flying away is interesting with nice composition! I think I framed it near enough like this too, great minds eh ^_^


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