Research Brief – Self Authored!

Hi guys!

For the module I have to write my own research brief, i can base it on anything i want, as long as it is a relevant subject that can be developed into a creative piece of work. My brief is as follows:

The Problem

I was speaking to somebody not too long ago, we were on the subject of musical taste and they said to me; “heavy metal all sounds the same, no matter what period it’s from.” I disagreed with this statement completely and went on to try and explain why it is different and how it has developed over the last 40-50 years as a musical genre (this was based on my own personal knowledge). They didn’t want to know. I guess that’s what makes heavy metal such an appealing genre, the fact limited people (compared to other genres) like it. It would be nice however for people to give an informed, instead of a generalised stereotyped opinion.

Desired Achievement

To try and inform people of the development and differences of heavy metal from the 1960’s to the present day, across an international level.

Final Developed Outcomes:

  • Animation
  • Book to compliment the Animation
  • Poster design, to advertise the Animation

I am going to attempt to create a campaign through the use of; an animation, which will be informative through the use of statistics, dates and imagery. A book, which will include a lot more imagery, will support this animation. I would like the book to be a lot more image based, with small amounts of text, it will be designed to follow through with the animation.  The poster will be an optional piece that will be used to promote the campaign.


This brief is dependant upon research, primary and secondary. I intend to gather some primary research through the use of questionnaires and my own knowledge. Secondary research through books, Internet and television sources.

I shall need to investigate the target audience so I can aim it towards them the best I can.

Target Audience

The target group should be for anyone of 16 years to 30 and primarily based for those who do not have a wide knowledge of the heavy metal genre. It should also hold interest for those looking to gain a better insight, but who already listen to a variety of heavy metal.

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