Ice in London!

Another trip into London with Mr. Reiss Cleal.. oh wait sorry.. another FREEZING COLD, icy, snowy, hail stones, rain and windy day in London with Mr. Reiss Cleal.. that’s better.

Arrived at Fenchurch street station via the nice comfortable, quick C2C train.. no terrible tube for us today! Took a stroll across Tower Bridge and at this moment the sun was still out, although the wind was picking up…

The aim of this London trip was to find Nissan’s latest advertising campaign.

At Potters Fields, in between the mayors office and Tower Bridge, Nissan had built up giant ice cubes around its latest “Nissan Cube” car the campaign was titled “cube in a cube”. The idea is, that over a period of 3 days the ice gradually melts down to reveal the car. I thought this sounded like quite an interesting opportunity for some pictures and even some filming for my video podcast. It was however a little bit of a disappointment… I was expecting a car completely stuck fast in a giant ice cube, it was however as I said above, a lot of giant ice blocks about 1.5 feet in length by 0.5 in height stacked up around the vehicle.

I have one photo to show you of the ice cube, it is not a very flattering image, nor one of any real quality, coming from someone who would like to call himself a photographer but none-the-less – here it is:

After our visit to the “cube in a cube” (that name really is the best thing about it) we walked along the Thames to the Tate Modern. I was not looking forward to this, as it would be my second visit and the first time was one time too many, but it was free so we went. As I predicted the best thing about the Tate was the fact it was warm inside and I was able to use a decent toilet. How people can call (most of) that art I do not know.

Nando’s warmed me up further with a spicy chicken before setting off home.

Overall an interesting day, quite enjoyable, if not overly productive. Going into London is always fun though. I left with one other image that I am happy with and I share that with you here:

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “Ice in London!

    • It was a good day! in fact.. now i come to think of it, most of our trips are good days haha 😀


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