Well, as of today i have properly started making one (either test, or real thing) idea for D&AD.

I am basing it on a similar style to what the last few illustration posts have been on, that is the reason behind those experiments. Anyway i was very pleased with how they all turned out and I have pushed myself to incorporate that style into my D&AD METRO newspaper brief. Already it is tough stuff, so much detail in the pictures that I took today, and yet the illustration technique is all about simplicity.

I’m sure it will turn out quite nice, and once I have done one the rest should flow a little easier.

I’m keeping specific details a little quiet at the moment, although hopefully late tomorrow night I will have a near finished design and section to the advertising campaign.

Choosing the correct colours is going to be a tough part of my idea, but I’m sure i will overcome that issue, through maybe discussion with peers.

All will be revealed…

Tom out!

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