Graphic Design / Photography Podcast!

Well guys, here is the first “Visually Interesting” Graphic Design & Photography podcast. It has been 1 month in the making, using programs I haven’t used before. It has all been good practice. This one includes much more talking that I would like for future episodes, but I feel it was necessary as the introduction video.

Please let me know what you think, whether that is in blog comments, youtube comments, direct email or on facebook.

All criticisms are welcome and necessary 🙂

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “Graphic Design / Photography Podcast!

  1. an interesting first attempt, my favourite bit was at the end when you showed the process of doing a sign for the top of a learner car, looks tricky to get the aligning right, but the end result looks really good, so well done!! I would like to see more of those, and of you doing the raster (however you say it) based photos like the one on your wall, 🙂


    • cheers Dawn!!! 😀 I would like to have a brand new raster*bation* for every month behind me, just to keep it fresh… the learner car was a pain to do due to reversed red on green then green on red.. but was ok in the end.. had to do 4 of those that day haha.. hopefully i will have something more interesting for the shop to show next time 🙂 like a van side or something who knows.. not even me 😛


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