Sunshine Photography!

Howdy all!

I was fed up of being indoors during the lovely, bright, warm weather today, so decided to take the old Nikon over the local fields.

I explored further than usual and walked a fair distance, but not in vain.

Here are the 2 main pictures I took that I am happy with, below them is a composition of four photos that I felt worked nicely together:

Tom out!

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Photography!

  1. Balloon photos are lovely however if they were black and white and had small black marks over them you….know rough them up a bit. Make it look likeold film, I think these could be soooo eerie!


  2. ahhh tom, i lovveeeee the balloon images !!!!

    soo cute the way u have been able to capture the floating movement of it, i agree with reiss, if you made them black and white, a bit grainy, but then kept the brightness of the red coloured balloon, it could really help enhance the movement, and act as the main focal point of each image.

    Id like them printed as a series for my room πŸ™‚


    • haha πŸ˜€ well.. i am currently working on (well i’m actually at work now, but last night and when i get home) doing a series of 5 or 6 sets of what i have now.. but gradually getting more destroyed as they go, with the only colour being the balloon itself.. I want to have each image as an A4 sheet of paper, similar to my big boat picture i printed (so this time it would be a 5 long by 4 high A4’s orrrr 6 long by 4 high A4’s)

      Buying some card and inks for printing when i get to tesco πŸ˜€


      • oo yes, sounds good, they are a very strong set of images, something very captivating about viewing them, as if they are in slow motion, look forward to seeing the final printed versions you mention πŸ™‚


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