What do I Actually do at Work?

Some of you reading this post may know, that for the past 3 years I have been working at a local sign designers. We cater mainly for small businesses, although we also deal with the occasional larger contract from London Underground or London City Airport. I figured it was about time that I uploaded a post, just to show some of the projects I have worked on and talk a little about them. So here goes, It’s not all brilliant flashy design, but I’d say it all suits its purpose: (to view images larger please click them)

First up I have some of the standard work we do:

Various vehicles; Odessa Security, which I placed the decals on the vehicle and Excel Design Build, which I originally done the logo and have worked on various vehicles of theirs.



We get quite a few driving school cars come to us, and it does seem to be an ever expanding industry. Here are two that I have worked on and done designs for. A1 will pass has to be a firm favourite, purely for the little alien/ant thing.


A little bit of an eccentric vehicle this next one, a camper van, with pink and purple stripes. A little embarrassing to work on outside the shop on this. Took 3 days overall to get this completed, mainly due to the amount of cleaning that needed to be done prior to application.



Now onto some more unique and unusual jobs I have tackled at the shop:

Neon signs which were produced for a low budget film called “Dead Cert” where gangsters and vampires star side by side.


A recreation I done of an old fruit machine cover that someone wanted to look similar to the original. Original on left my version on right.


And now just the first shop sign I went out and installed way back in 2007 and next to it a pavement sign for a flower shop in Dagenham.


I have tried to get a variety of different things I have worked on at the shop over the years. Some came from way back 2007 and others fairly recently in 2010.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tom out!

One thought on “What do I Actually do at Work?

  1. its good that your job sort of relates to what you want to do as a final project. I remember that camper van took you ages.


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