Airport Wayfinding – Sign Layouts

Hey everyone, another post which shows some of the updates I’ve made to the airport wayfinding system I am looking into.

This week I looked into the typeface weight on the signs and also how they should be laid out in terms of spacing between icons, arrows and text. Below are a few image examples that I’ve done. For an increased explanation of what I have done please view the embedded video.

The first images show possible ways of laying out the signs for gate numbers. These have been purpoesely coloured yellow to stand out from the rest of the signs within the airport environment. The red and grey bars show the spacing between each element of the sign. Each bar is an icons border width apart, this allows for proportionate measurements when scaling, instead of finding a formula if using a mm scale.

This example of the gate signs i think works a lot better without the type than with. There is no need to have “Gates” repeated down the sign.

This second set of images shows 3 examples of how the main signs could be laid out. The first two are my favourite examples as I feel number three isn’t as clear as it could be with writing as well. I also feel that not every symbol needs to have a word description next to it because the symbols are quite self explanatory, this is why I have left the secondary processes sections as purely icons.

Below is the video i created going into slightly more detail.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tom out!

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