Shatter Soundtrack – Limited Edition Vinyl

Hey everybody, unfortunately there wasn’t any photography done this weekend, I had the unfortunate need to actually do some shopping! I know, it’s painful isn’t it! But hey ho, some good news today, my Limited Edition Shatter Soundtrack arrived in all its shining glory! The vinyl features 10 tracks remastered by the original composer Jeramiah “Module” Ross and is certainly a treat to hold and even more so to listen to.

Some images of the vinyl sleeve and 12″ record are below:






Thanks everybody for stopping by and taking a look. I definitely recommend everyone checking out this awesome soundtrack. In my opinion the best soundtrack of any game that I have every played or heard.


Tom out!

11 thoughts on “Shatter Soundtrack – Limited Edition Vinyl

    • YES!!! All we need to do is buy some ultra sexy record player and we can buy a few more records and have them displayed on the walls with various photographic pieces and other graphical stuff.. combine that with HDTV’s playing animations people would love to come to our studio!!!!!!


    • It is very simple! Right up your alley isn’t it Mr. Coleman.. the vinyl colour is amazing, im really pleased with it!


    • oh you HAVE to buy this vinyl, it’s beautiful!!! the sound quality is really nice and you can pick up on the sections they edited nicely!!! 😀 One of my best musical buys!


  1. You’re a braver man that I am to be actually playing it.

    I’ve got number 006 and I’m reluctant to let it even touch my cheapo turntable, even if I’d gotten around to giving the thing a good clean. D:


    • haha, I had to give mine a very good clean down, it has been a long time since anyone even looked at it I’m sure!
      I had to play it as soon as I opened it, receiving a record and not playing it is blasphemy haha 🙂
      I know what you mean though, it’s such a beautiful piece it would be a shame to let it get even slightly damaged 😦


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