New Business Cards!

Hey all, It’s been a busy few weeks, not just at work but also with my own little projects and updates. The website is now fully linked up, it’s just pending a few updates to some of the design projects, updated picture and all that. I also collected my new business cards today. At first I was unsure at the finish, they didn’t come out as black as I originally was expecting, but on a closer inspection I am really pleased with how they came out, the background colour is a very dark grey and has a metallic look to it, especially when it shines in the light, I think this has added a little more character to the cards!


Future plans are to get the website fully updated with some examples of projects I have done at work and also the full branding of “visually interesting design” Then I am on the look out for any freelance work I can find, whether that be print work, simple websites or anything.


Thanks for stopping by!

Tom out!

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