Shadwell, London

A trip around Shadwell, an area of London I had never explored before, produced some interesting photographic opportunities. I walked mainly around the back streets, avoiding main roads as much as possible. The photographs are in keeping with my minimal theme, some of them providing quite strong colour variations.





2 (2)























Thanks for viewing,

Tom out!


3 thoughts on “Shadwell, London

    • Cheers Leanne! It is crazy similar, maybe I got some sub-conscious inspiration from your post! Hopefully my next photos will be up next weekend 😀


  1. Not quite as strong as the set you posted before this however very interesting still.

    My favourite is the first image, great colours mixed with the degradation of the place.

    The bottom photo draws me in, it’s strange, it looks too perfect. Looks as if it has been made on a 3d programme. Really interesting!

    Looking forward to seeing more!


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