Boxing Day Hunt – Matching Green

Today I went with some of my family to the traditional Boxing Day hunt send off at Matching Green near Harlow, Essex. Every year they bring out the Hounds, jump on their horses and hunt down a guy who has run on ahead with a scent. This was the first year I had actually seen the hunt go off, the first year I went it had to be called off due to dangerous conditions for the horses and near impossible conditions for the runner. Last year I didn’t attend, so it was nice this year to bring the camera along and try to get some shots. It was quite difficult to get some really nice shots of the horses and near impossible for the dogs due to the vast amount of people who turned up to send them off.

Since 2005, when the government banned the hunting of foxes using dogs, they have continued the tradition, keeping dogs trained and spirits alive for when they may reintroduce such laws. It does not seem likely this will happen for some time however, as the current government is the most likely candidate to do so, but doesn’t seem close to making such changes.

All that aside, it was a really nice chance to step out into the country side, breath in some fresh air and take some snaps of a very old British tradition.

2 red coat

Wearing traditional Scarlet coats.



The pub at which everybody congregated and that the hunt starts off from.

3 woman on horse

This was my favourite shot of the day, however the van and two cars behind the lady & horse really spoil what could have been a really nice shot.

4 jeep

A couple of very old 4 wheel drive vehicles. Very useful at driving around the terrain after the constant rain battering England in recent weeks.

5 boot

6 horse eye

7 horse mouth

7 sadle

Above a few attempts at minimal photography.

8 carriage

A beautifully crafted horse carriage, this one turns up every year. There was another much simpler one next to it.

9 horse

Thanks for taking a look.

Tom out!

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