Blue Skies Above London

It is a well known fact that to get blue skies in England is almost impossible during the winter and would usually be due to some witchcraft! This photography trip certainly looked as though it may continue the grey skies & rain routine in the morning after leaving the train. Thankfully, however the clouds cleared, the sun beamed and the photo opportunities were ripe for the picking! Here are some photos I took below:

This fan was next to a building complex that used to be owned by the London Hydraulic Power Company. This company was set up by Parliament in 1883 to provide a network of high-pressure cast iron water mains. These were cleaner than the usual steam driven equivalent and much more efficient. The water was pumped direct from the Thames & during the winter was heated to prevent it freezing. At its height the system was used to power various machinery, lifts & workshops as well as being the back up power source for the mechanism used to open Tower Bridge. 













When I was looking at this building at Canary Wharf it really looked to me like I was seeing through holes in the building to the sky on the other side. I’m pleased that it still has the same effect on the photograph.







Thanks for stopping by,

Tom out!

4 thoughts on “Blue Skies Above London

  1. Very moody image the second one, really intoxicating 🙂

    I can’t believe the sky in the images you guys got. I especially love you shot of the bridge. Second from last, very envious of your successful day. Congrats on some fantastic shots.


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