Vienna Night Time Shop Signs – Drive To Romania

After our explorations through Munich Ron and I drove across Austria, first stopping in Salzburg for a quick snack and coffee. Unfortunately we spent a fair time trying to get into the city stuck in traffic and finding a place to park so we couldn’t spend as much time looking around as we would have liked.

Aside from the angry German tourist who wanted to use our parking spot the city was quite pleasant. I had no knowledge of Salzburg before this trip and it was interesting to see the fortress which stood on a hill in the centre of the city. Sadly most of the city was seen from within the Jeep so I couldn’t get any photos, just the one below which looks over part of the city. I think Salzburg will definitely be a city I should travel to in the future and spend at least a week walking around with my camera.


After Salzburg we had a 2-3 hour drive to Vienna. Vienna was the next over night stop that we had planned and I had looked up a couple of possible hostels to stay in advance. Naturally the first place we visited was full, although a very friendly and helpful receptionist pointed out the next nearest place to stay so we went there.

Intercirt Hotel

Before we could go out and eat we had to sort out a parking permit. Due to the rain we decided to drive to the nearby station to pick up a permit and that is where all the chaos began… Navigating the Vienna one-way system was a nightmare. We were using a GPS to find our way around but due to road works blocking some routes it wasn’t able to direct us back to our hotel. A ten minute round trip ended up taking us 50 minutes to complete and we only managed to get back by purposely going much further south to the city border thus tricking the sat nav to provide an updated route similar to what we used when we first arrived.

Mauerer Sign

Eventually we made it back to the hotel and was able to go out to a nice bar / restaurant for some much needed grub. On our way back we were walking down the high-street and were looking at all the varied lit up and 3D signs that were down the road. Ron and I both have a background in art / design & signage (I used to work for Ron in his sign shop, before stating my own company) so we thought it would be nice to get out our cameras and document some of these signs.

vienna shop sign

Just like Salzburg I think Vienna is a city that needs to be visited again and at least a week spent wandering around with my camera. We didn’t get to see anything by the river which was a shame, but we did only have an evening available to us before we moved on and had to make the long drive direct to Resita in Romania.

Turks sign

Looking back it would have been nice and probably a more considered trip if we had spent a couple of days in Munich, a day in Salzburg and maybe a couple of days in Vienna before finally going to Romania. This would have given more room for exploration and some much needed rest between long drives. But due to the fact both Ron and I run our own companies we couldn’t afford to be away for too long or spend too much money on hostels etc.

Deli sign

Thanks very much for stopping by, there will be one final post soon which has some photos of my time in Romania.

Tom out!

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