What is Graphic Design? – Overview

For the past few weeks I have been producing the first in a series of videos grouped under the title: What is Graphic Design?  – This series is aimed at aspiring & student designers as an informative and educational look at the various aspects, rules and processes of graphic design.

The first video can be watched below and provides an overview to graphic design, laying the foundation for further detailed videos in the future.

Slides & Artwork below:

Slide 1 UK Design Statistics

Statistics source: UK Design Council – 2010 Design Industry Research: http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/knowledge-resources/report/design-industry-research-2010

Graphic Design Audience Reach

Diagram showing audience reach with different advertising methods.

Designer Skills & Interests

Skill icons left to right: Typography, Grid/Layout, Painting/Photoshop, Photography, Film/Animation, Drawing/Illustrator, Web Design, Branding

Graphic Design examples

Various examples of graphic design use.

BP Brand History

Small history of BP logo changes.

iOS 6 & 7 Camera Icon

Camera app icon adjustment between iOS 6 & iOS 7.

London Underground Logo History

London Underground logo history.

What is Graphic Design? Colours

Colours used throughout the animation and surrounding branding.

I hope you enjoyed the video and found it informative. I am currently working on the second video in the series which is The History of Graphic Design. In this I will be looking into where and when the term graphic design was first used, various movements from past to present and the use of pictograms in ancient civilisations, among other things.

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Email: tom@visuallyinteresting.co.uk

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