Watercolour Journey – Tibetan Mountain

Following on from the Smugglers’ Tower painting last month, I wanted to try another landscape. The original plan was to paint either a mountain or desert scene and, like the Smugglers’ Tower painting, give it a fantasy background history. Once I had decided on the mountain landscape, I thought of a scene where there would be lots of flags in the distance. This reminded me of the Tibetan prayer flags and so I decided to switch away from the fantasy aspect and produce a Tibetan mountain scene.

Tibetan Mountain – Watercolour – April 2022

The flags are the perfect addition to the scene as they really help to make the painting look less bleak.

Unfortunately, the scan has come out a bit too bright on the left side of the mountain. Although it is almost accurate, it has lost some brown, grey and blue details.

Crop of the cairn.

Crop of the rocks.

Crop of the sky and some flags.

My next painting (aside from finishing up an in-the-field city-scape) is either going to be a desert scene to continue my landscapes series or an attempt to create a painting in the moody impressionist style of French painter, Pierre Adolphe Valette.

If you would like to see more artwork you can check out my Instagram page.

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