Watercolour Journey – Futurist Plane

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the Russian contemporary artist Georgy Kurasov. I liked the way he fitted the form of the object being painted into geometric shapes. As a result, I’ve been inspired to try my own, albeit much simpler, piece.

Tranquil Speed – Watercolour – May 2022

Since I created my Streamliner Through City painting I’ve wanted to produce an artwork with a plane as the primary focus. This was the perfect opportunity. The front propellers lend themselves wonderfully to circles and the fields being cut up into sections give a strong sense of speed.

Crop of fields.

I started using a new set of paints for this picture which caused a few teething problems with the dark blue sky at the top of the image. However, I soon found the trick to using them and I think the rest of the painting came out well (I used my old set of paints for the rest of the sky).

Crop of the propellers.

Once again, the scan has slightly bleached the light blue colour between the propellers – I need to find a better way of getting high-quality images of my work, especially when there are light colours.

If you would like to see more artwork you can check out my Instagram page.

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