Watercolour Journey – Accidental Futurism

Continuing with my watercolour experimentation, practice and journey has led me down the winding road of painting lots of different themes and stumbling upon different styles, often by complete accident.

This isn’t the best approach for someone whose aim is to try and improve their ability (while also having fun), but it does keep the painting interesting. And, who knows, I may stumble upon a style, theme or project that I will be inspired to progress and improve further (like Mapping Suprematism).

Streamliner Through City – Watercolour – March 2022

The above painting, Streamliner Through City, was started as an attempt to be bolder and less realistic with colour in an attempt to mix up my colour style. The streamliner itself was initially drawn out using a pencil, compass and ruler before adding the paint. The train is fictional and was made up after I had a brief look at real-life examples.

Once the train was complete I was a bit stuck with how to do the background. A futurist style was suggested to me to try and emphasise the speed and power of the train. I ended up going with the cityscape look which has a nod to the futurist style and, subconsciously, Christopher R. W. Nevinson’s Soul of the Soulless City. The background has been left in muted colour to avoid detracting from the power of the streamliner.

If you would like to see more artwork you can check out my Instagram page.

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