New year! New start! New Blog!

Well, i’ve just today started the second year of my Graphic Design BA Hons course, and I thought what better way to keep up-to-date, on target and active than starting a Blog to run along side and compliment my work (and anything else I feel the need to share).

So here it is…

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “New year! New start! New Blog!

  1. Hello Tom!

    Liking your new blog, especially the ‘tom out’ parts !

    quick question, was you able to change the colours of your blog? such as the orange and yellow headings ?

    really want to change mine, but not sure how !



    • Hey Dawn thanks for the message 🙂

      I picked a template that already had these colours, so i’m not sure if they can be changed.
      I was able to change the header on mine, although have found that some of the templates dont actually allow that.

      I’ll have a look around because i’d like mine to be red black and white, rather than the orange cream and black i have going on.

      By the way, i’m gonna link your one to this no i know it 🙂


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