Briefs, Briefs, Briefs…!

My induction into the second year of my course today has revealed there is a lot of work to come and that I had best start making a move towards producing a solid base to work from.

The first brief that got given to me during the summer was to do some pro-active and extensive research on a chosen historical event. I chose to look into – the events leading up to/causes of World War 2. I managed to gather some information (maybe not as much as I should have (although it is fairly on-going)) but after talking about the event  to one of my tutors today I have been able to extend the thoughts behind my research further afield. I have found that I work best and remember specific events/dates when bouncing a conversation backwards and forwards to someone else who is also interested. An example of a question I have asked myself is:

“If Hitler hadn’t seized power, could someone else who did eventually have commited the same crimes?”

See what you think and maybe comment, I will be adding my thoughts in the next post…

Tom out!

One thought on “Briefs, Briefs, Briefs…!

  1. We will never know what would have happened if someone other than Hitler come to power, although whoever would have took his place would be hard pressed to be as evil as Hitler.


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