Too Many Questions for Answers!

I asked this question in my previous post:

“If Hitler hadn’t seized power, could someone else who did, eventually have commited the same crimes?”

I thought about this for a while and have come up with my answer, bare in mind that this is purely an opinion and not a fact based answer, but still I find it fascinating what could have happend. I mean, if Hitler had got shot and killed in the First World War, then would Germany have had such an influential figure step up to the challenge and pull them out of the economic crisis? Get people back into work? Eradicate famine? of course these are more questions so my answer:

I believe that someone (or a group) would have eventually come along and pulled Germany out of its economic crisis and created jobs for the masses. What I dont think though is that they would have gone to the extreme lengths that Hitler did. I feel that Hitler was an individual and that he had an unhealthy thirst for war and revenge against the Allies.

Thanks go to ChillCleal who submitted an answer to the question. (His link can be found under graphics students)  Please dont hesitate to share your views on this topic…

Tom out!

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