Queuing Quotes! – they just keep coming…

You’re all probably thinking “wow two posts almost one after the other, this person has no life” and you would probably be right, but I looked through some of the research i have done and re-read a couple of interesting quotes I found from David Lloyd George.

The first being a response to the harsh Treaty of Versailles:

“We shall have to fight  another war all over again in 25 years at three times the cost”

The second being:

“I tell you, as one who has studied the whole sistuation, I don’t think Hitler is a fool – he is not going to challenge the British Empire”

Its interesting and kind of scary to think how people can be so right (like the first quote), but also scary to know how people can be so wrong (like the second quote)…

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “Queuing Quotes! – they just keep coming…

    • Yea i found them interesting too, a time machine would be useful in many situations for me 🙂 I’ve got to find a few more of these because they are intriguing.

      Tom out!


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