Who Needs to be Active?… i’m already a pro! pagandist…

Hmmmm, not the best of Pro-Active starts by me, could have done a lot more, should have done a lot more (story of my life really). Things are generally going well outside of the course though and I think this could be the cause of my lack of work…

I said on Scott Colemans blog that I was going to look into modern day British propaganda. I, like most people, thought “propaganda? in this day and age? no way! no one would be fool enough to listen to that” little did I know that I had just been caught out by the propagandists. Crazy I know, but just think of all the bad press the middle east gets in the press, all because of a small number of extremists. Headlines like this  ” Islam: A Killing Cult, not a religion” can be classed as propaganda because Islam is not a radical religion but a peaceful ‘way of life’.

Something a little closer to home now – on my way to work the bus I get is full of posters for the army and navy, this particular area has been targetted purposely because they know its a poor working class area and therefore my likely to sign up, or be swayed by the words in the posters. They always show a proud British soldier dressed in their finest uniform, with the slogan “ARMY be the best”

This was just a  first few thoughts on the subject, i’d like to look further into it.

If anyone else has any ideas, views or thoughts, please feel free to comment below and dont forget to visit Scott Colemans blog for some interesting views on Nazi propaganda posters – Direct link here.

Tom out!

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