What route will YOU take!?


Its been a while since my last post, this is due to me being busy actually doing the work to post about.

Proffesional practice module – I was kind of stuck with this one, couldnt think of any ideas for self promotion, felt all routes were closing down, and was worrying I would have nothing (or something really poor) to show and send off. Today though!!! After doing some more comapny research I saw something that I see nearly everyday on the buses: a London Transport route map!!! This may not sound like much but believe me, it has spurred on some ideas, which already within a few hours have begun to take shape. I will be uploading some images of my (second)  first concept soon (not tomorrow due to a music concert, but soon, maybe friday). Since this idea, proffesional practice seems to be going ahead really well, although i really need to get my cover letter sorted.

Tom out!

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