Grove Fresh Idea 1!

It’s been a while since the last post, although the main gallery pages have been updated regularly (check them out).

I have been working for quite a while on my first main idea for the Grove Fresh re-brand.

Its now at the stage where i am happy to say its finished, the only thing that bothers me a little is the gap between 500ml and 250ml although this cant be helped as i have nothing more to put on the packaging and id say that the rest of the information is nicely spaced with no cramming. This space may work quite nice as a break for the eye.. or even as a place where the company could add in future information without the need to shuffle the design around.

I have tried to keep the colours as simpe as possible only using two main colours (green and orange) with the white and black text for bulk information.

I think the front of this packaging is very noticable and although it may not make it look like a “premium product” i think it makes it look like a fresh, organic, enjoyable, family product. This is what i was aiming for with design idea 1 because i feel it would be nice to have a different approach to the initial thoughts and brief.

The TOP LEFT = Front   TOP RIGHT = Back   BOTTOM TWO = sides

Tom out!

8 thoughts on “Grove Fresh Idea 1!

  1. Ok, sorry harshness follows –

    Your background is a simple dark green to white gradient.

    Your text is bright orange on top of this bright green.

    Mass text font is fine because its standard and readable but the white on green clashes.

    Thick orange lines with the measurements of drink…..? Unless the transparent window is on the other side, then why is it here.

    Your logo in the bottom right, does not suit the premium quality the drink is, neither does the overall look as a whole. Do you think this looks expensive?

    A plus side…. all the mass text is laid out nicely, all centered.

    Sorry to be so harsh but print it out and put it next to the competetion and you will see what I mean.


    • The harshness is all good… i asked for feedback, dont matter what it is 🙂

      Yes there is going to be the clear plstic bit on the other side, thats why they are there, cos yes i agree otherwise its pointless.

      Im trying to make the drink look a bit more fun as a different approch.
      I also believe this gradient will make it stand out from the rest (please dont use this agaisnt me by saying “cos its so bad” :P)

      I’m going to be going for another design which has a different logo on it which will have more neutral colours and be more grown-up / relevant to the premium company. I just felt that it would be nice for a more kiddy/fun approach to show a different side of the brand.

      Did you not think the nutritional info box looked sexy? 🙂

      I did consider changing the orange to maybe a little darker to stand out from the white. And the reason i used white text agaisnt the lower darker green is due to not wantign to introduce too many colours cos then it gets taken completely way too far.

      and again, i dont care if you leave comments like that, its all helpful and can be incorporated into future thinking/design As long as you dont just go “shit” im greatful for all the comments i get on it 🙂


      • You say it would ‘be nice for a more kiddy/fun approach’ but even if thats what your going for, how is this kiddy or fun?


  2. Jungle font, fun logo, bright colours, a lot of swearing at illustrator (kids like swearing) 😛 Plus it has the educational value of knowing how much 250ml/1litre is in weight, green is organic colouring and actually, i read in an information design book for my essay that yellow and green work well together lol, so it must be good 😛


  3. Yellow and green work together? But theres so many different tones of them colours. Also you have used green and orange.

    What flavour juice is this? If its apple because ofthe green background, is the orange flavour going to have an orange background with green text….

    I do not think it looks fun for children at all sorry.

    This looks good for kids –



    • nope, this is orange, apple will have orange background with green text lol. Mine is more of a fun family thing, lets just say im marketing the same as the Wii 😛


  4. ….same markets as the Wii. What all white? But technology isn’t a certain flavour so it doesn’t need to be a specific colour. At least a hint of that colour anyway. Orange juice being advertised on a bright mostly green carton is confusing.


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