D&AD Advancements!

I’m doing the “METRO” brief, where I have to “put together a transport advertising campaign and strap line that cuts through the visual noise of the daily commute” and…well.. i think this D&AD has been the hardest project I have had to work on. I’m finding it very hard to get myself motivated for the work, and the ideas just don’t seem to be coming as freely as they normally do.. I’m not sure why.

All I know is that after a productive (and a bit of a get up and go) talk with one of my tutors, I’ve come to realise it doesn’t matter how hard I find it, or how I feel about motivation I need to get myself motivated, or at least get out there and do some stuff.

An idea has been planted, all I need to do now is crack on with advancing with it. Take a look at some of these rather shoddy, speedy sketch book drawings of the idea.

This drawing, although a little unclear, shows: on the left panel a man walking to work, it will be in black and white, with maybe some grey. The commute to work is dull and nothing differs from day to day. The second panel shows him picking up the METRO newspaper, as he does this a little bit of colour starts working its way out (or possibly words relating to what METRO supplies). The third panel is where he is now walking down the road, or on a  train maybe, reading the METRO, but due to this he is completely colourful, the commute no longer seems so dull and he can find out everything he needs.

Another one of  my, quite frankly, superb sketches, this is based very much upon the same theme as the one above, except for the one above would be done as a landscape long strip in a train or bus advert and this one is two separate billboards. In the is one the left billboard shows a person on their average train journey, very little to see (black tunnels), boring  and quite frankly, they could do with something to pass the time. That’s when, oh look, the second billboard shows exactly that.. it is the same person, but as they read they get a little happier, the day starts off a little brighter. This one shows the person reading the METRO and a “commute with METRO” as opposed to the dull “commute without METRO”

All of this is in its very early stages and i really need to get out this week and take some snaps on the trains and buses (and anything else that could prove to be productive). Watch this space for further D&AD updates..

Tom out!

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