Experimental Photography/Illustration!

Well, during D&AD work, it came to my attention that my own experiments with photographs and vectors could be more fun (as per normal, and unfortunately). Anyway, I started off by tracing a photo completely true to itself in colour, then by mistake turned part of it black, removed the image and the white background looked really nice next to it… so I thought, lets make things a little more simple!!! and this is what happened:

Original Photo:

Simplified Version:

I really like this technique due to the huge simplification of objects AND the ability to change the photo and make it look how you would like.

I am going to experiment further with different photos, and see what different effects I achieve.

Tom out!

2 thoughts on “Experimental Photography/Illustration!

    • 🙂 cheers! Yea i’m just working on a new one now, gonna have a touch of red in it (not for blood though 😛 )


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