D&AD Finished Ready for Submit!

Hello everyone!

I know i have been neglecting this blog lately and using it purely for the D&AD work, i apologise. This truly is the last D&AD post I make on this blog, firstly, because I’m sure you are all bored silly of the constant updates and secondly, because I have been neglecting all other work and experimentations AND WORST OF ALL – my photography!!!

From now on I will vary what I upload to the blog, a bit of photography, bit of illustration and a little bit of experimentation.. Not to forget the monthly podcasts (which I haven’t got anything for this month, but shhh)

But first.. Please view my, to be submitted (tomorrow), pieces of D&AD work, the images are as the boards will be seen inthe real:

Thanks all, the new fresh Tom Barden Design blog is coming shorty!

Tom out!

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