New Modules! Photography! Updates!

Ok guys, I have now officially started the two brand new modules on my Graphics course. The first is the essay module in which I have to write a proposal and then a 3000 word essay on a subject of my choice (although one being relevant to what I haves studied) I have decided to study and write about – ” Has globalism taken over as the new colonialism, and has this had a negative effect upon the world’s developing countries?” – I think this will be of interest to me and due to this, i should be able to learn a lot more and write a better argument towards.

The second module is the “self authored brief” in which, as the name suggests, I have to write my own brief on anything I want (as long as I have a reason behind my choice).

I have chosen to do an information design piece which will inform people on the development of Heavy Metal from thee 1960’s to present day through the use of an animation. Supporting the animation will be a small book, with a poster design to promote and advertise the animation. I think it should be an interesting brief and may be calling upon you guys through the use of questionnaires and surveys.

This Sunday I am going to be exploring another abandoned building (well one that i have been to before) hopefully this time I don’t have to run from any guards… BUT exploration means… more photography, so I’m very pleased to be getting back out there.

And one last update, I eventually got my D&AD work submitted today, so that is all out of the way.

Tom out!

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