Lake District, Collaboration & Long Time No See!

Hi guys, It’s been a while since my last post, a scary while at that! But I’m here now.

First up: Two Weeks ago me and 2 friends travelled up north to experience some of the scenery and mountain walks of the Lake District. I had been there before, but only as a youngster, but wow, was I blown away by the sheer beauty of the place.

Plenty to see, explore and photograph. However, despite it being a prime photography location, i spent more time looking and less time snapping, I’m afraid to say.

From getting lost in the mountains on the first night to nearly dying climbing the old man of Coniston (mountain) it certainly was an adventure and home just doesn’t seem the same since.

Here are a few pictures I got from the trip:

Magical Mountains –

Ghost Town –

What’s That –

Fox Gloves –

Old Man’s Lake –

One more small thing to post this time. Me and the people I went Lake District with have created a collaboration blog for our photography visit <Frozen Reflex> to see it in it’s glory!

Tom out!

4 thoughts on “Lake District, Collaboration & Long Time No See!

    • Thanks Mr. Reflex.. checked out your blog just now, i have to say that Tom Barden’s racing picture, SUPERB, id buy that any day, very similar to the ones that i done on here though… maybe plagerism?


  1. Actually looks amazing 🙂 did you do a lot of hiking to get to these kind of places?? i.e. If I do get to go there at some point, is a completely pathetic/amateur walker like myself going to be able to see the same beautiful things without potentially injuring myself in the process lol?? x x


    • Hey April! Thanks for taking an interest and stopping by 🙂
      I don’t see why you couldn’t get to the places we got to, there was a fair amount of walking/climbing done on all the pictures, but nothing that you can’t handle I’d reckon haha.
      1st image: behind where we stayed, was a bit of a short scramble and maybe not something you should do after a 6 hour journey with little food and dehydrated in the sun, but we made it and then went a lot further (getting lost in process, walking in dark is not advised 😛 )

      2nd /3rd/5th images: Was up a mountain called “The Old Man” was quite tiring, but if you don’t carry silly heavy bags on your back and take something to eat and plenty to drink it would be fine, need to watch footing, but there is proper paths. Best place to go for nice all round views (unless you wanted to tackle England tallest mountain) p.s. That lake is AMAZING to be next to 😀

      4th Image: Drove to a town, on way back parked on side of road (if you’re not driving, there is a bus stop right there too, quite regular buses) from the road it was a nice gentle walk down to the lake, with small waterfall along the way and plenty of stuff to keep you looking around.

      All in all yes, I wouldn’t not go there just in case you can’t handle loads of walking, because you can just take it all at your own pace! 😀 100% worth a trip, just wish I’d gotten more photos.
      Anyway, I have wrote way too much and your patience is probably wearing thin with reading it, and plus it’s quite late so I’m wrapping it up here! Hope that helps ya 🙂


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